Blue Eyes on a Sand Boa?

I’ve had this snake for a while. He is an Albino GX Paint het Anery, and he has always had these odd bluish-white eyes, which I haven’t see on any other sand boa, or in a photo. Does anyone out there have a sand boa with similar eye color? His body color is a bit unusual as well, more of a pink than an orange.



No clue about his weird eye color, but he is gorgeous!

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I’ve never heard of or seen eyes like that on a KSB! Wow!!

Any idea if it’s heritable?

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We have not bred him, so the jury is out.


Maybe the KSB equivalent of a BEL? That would be cool to find! :grin:

Then, watch it be a condition that requires a specific combo of genes in KSB, because it’ll be polygenic, because you need more madness inducing breeding trials…:rofl:

KSB cresties :sweat_smile::rofl::joy::rofl:

Not sure why that’s cracking me up, sleep deprived.:grin:

Cool looking boy though.:+1:


There was some for sale here with blue eyes like yours, I really wanted them but don’t have the space atm. Maybe when I organise the house :yum:

He’s beautiful :relaxed: