Blue tegus in the UK?

Does anyone know if there are any breeders in the UK or could point in the right direction, found purple lines and high white reds but can’t find a blue🤔

Don’t know if this kind of post is allowed so please let me know I shall remove it.

Thank you

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We don’t allow “in search of” types of threads for a few reasons.

You can head over to and use the category filter to find the type of animal you are after.

We have thousands of sellers all across the world that deal with nearly every reptile imaginable, Amphibians and Invertebrates too!

You can contact a specific seller about an animal through clicking the Inquire to Buy button on the ad you’re interested in. For more information about how our site works, check out the How to Buy and Help pages.

Using the search filters you can find pretty much whatever you are after …
UK Skinks

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Okay that’s cool, just because there’s nothing up at the moment thank you though, if you wanna delete the topic then that’s cool