Blue Tongue ID

Picked up Stewie as an unsexed Northern Blue tongue from a friend of ours. It’s my wife’s new favorite pet and it’s not going anywhere but it was interesting to see how many people were willing to make offers on it at the show. None of the people trying to acquire it were very forthcoming about what he may have going on, so I thought I’d see if we have someone on here who can give some detail. Any ideas?


Side shot of his orange flames


I don’t know anything about identification but it’s a beautiful skink.

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I don’t know anything about Skink morphs but it might have to do with something about the pattern on his tail? Doesn’t look like any other wild type pattern I’ve seen


@thebeardedherper would you happen to know?

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I’m not a expert at all but I’ve been doing my research a little in preparation for the Morphpedia pages and im gonna take a wild guess.

This looks like it could be a High/Extreme Orange Sunrise.

Please refer to my above statements: I'm not a expert at all - im gonna take a wild guess.

If Jonathan cant help then im sure @reptimalsss will be able to.

Beautiful animal by the way!


I went digging a bit more. It helps me find links and references for the future so it helps us both :metal:

Northerns are difficult because near everything is a line bred trait and there are a bunch of different “Orange” lines.

Here’s some links that may help:


Thanks guys! I’m still getting myself and the animals settled in from back to back shows but this definitely gives me a starting point and some reading to do. I’ll try to formulate a more intelligent reply when the brain fog wears off :rofl: