Blue tongue skinks any tips?

Im about to get my vary own BTS and id like some tips <3

If you did the adequate amount of research they are really easy to care for.

To simplify your life I recommend that you prepare a batch of food and freeze it in portions, so all you have to do is thaw it prior to feeding and add vitamin and calcium.


I have been doing research for about two years now, but everyone seems to have different opinions on almost everything.

Well like any reptiles there are more ways than one way to keep them successfully I think what we all agree on is diet (60% Greens, 30% Protein 10% Fruits) cage size 4x2, heat (70/80 and 90/100) the big debate often comes down to UV and whether they are needed or not.

So keepers have been keeping them without UV for years without experiencing any issue and some claim they absolutely need UV.

What type of BTS are you getting, the husbandry can be very different depending on where the skink is coming from, captive bred, wild caught…