Boa Constrictor growth rate

Hi! My female Boa turned 1 year old on June 7th. She is 27 inches in length. Fabulous eater, calm, easy to handle and eager to interact with us. She is eating an adult mouse every Sunday and has never turned down a meal.

I am concerned because all the online growth charts say she should be much bigger. Can any experienced boa person advise? Thank you so so much.


Hi, she sounds fine to me.

For context, I have animals from 3 different litters that are about 1 year old. They all are about that same size.

I would say keep doing what your doing. :slight_smile:


I would say that you are a good. A picture of you holding her and a different picture of her prey item in your hand for reference wouldn’t hurt. That way we can try to see if she might need a bump up.


Depending on the type of boa you have will determine the growth rate too. Post a few pictures like suggested but it sounds like your boa is healthy.


Thank you all. I will attempt to figure out how to do a photo on here. Can I use Imjur?


If you’re on your phone you can upload directly using the icon circled in red. Similar process if you have the image on your computer.


I have 3 litters from last year that were June(CA-Dwarf)/July(CA-MTHJ)/Aug(CA-MTHJ). They are all in that range with the more concentrated dwarf stuff from June being the smallest of the 3 litters- 10 holdbacks total. I feed pretty heavy the first few months and drop to 1x a week after 6 months. They are all eating rats of “huge mouse size” nowadays. May not even be very healthy in some cases to hit 36" within the first year on some individuals unless its combined with a bit of snake exercise- long is fine, fat is not, while growing. I haven’t measured them or anything but I’d estimate they are all between 22-36. Each feeding at the same rate the entire year. Seems like boas double mass that 2nd year along with whatever growth is relevant to their genetics. I’d say yer boa is doing great!

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