Boa Constrictors: Albino Compatibility and Information

So we have a whole bunch of Albino traits in the Boa database.

Sharp Complex

Albino (Central) T+

Albino (Desert) T+

Albino (Sonoran) T-

Albino (Argentine) T+

Albino (Honduran) T+

Albino (Gilbert) T+

Albino (Costa Rican) T+

So I have a few questions.

  1. Which of these, if any, are compatible with one another?

  2. Which are T+ vs T- vs not really albino?

  3. Does anyone have any background information any any of these traits?

    • First Produced when?
    • Who by?
    • History?
  4. A lot of these are locality Albinos, but are they there own standalone traits or have they been crossed from a already established Albino localities?


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Sharp and BWC are compatible and make the Paradigm:


Sharp is also compatible with Prodigy, making the Paradise Boa.


I’m guessing that Prodigy and BWC are compatible with one another also then?

Do we have an established “complex” name for this group?.. Sharp Complex?

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That would hold to reason, yes


I think I’ve heard that the Blonde Albino is part of that complex as well, but I am not 100% sure. Also, as far as I know, all Nicaraguan lines of Albino are compatible with each other and nothing else. Kahl and VPI I believe have also so far not turned out to be compatible with any other lines. Coral Albinos are Kahl Albinos with extra color. I believe that there is some debate as to how the extra color inherits.

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