Boa Constrictors!

Man, she looks so nice! Can’t wait to see her put on some size…going to be a beautiful adult.


It’s interesting to me that reptiles can become so routinized to feeding schedules, in a way that’s almost similar to mammals. My blood python is always very on point in the days leading up to a feeding day (also have to watch my fingers with her), and even my sand boa, who is the least food-crazy of my three snakes, will be out and about, cruising around above the substrate more than usual a day or two before feeding day.

Your new anery girl is gorgeous! :heart_eyes: I love her eyes. Can’t wait for more pics once you have her.


“Sure would be nice if someone gave me a rat…. sigh


Had Crabby Patty out today. It’s not the best name for him now. But when he was younger, he would try and bite me almost every time I had him out. He is a lot better now. I have hooked trained him, and he is fine now when I take him out. However, he still doesn’t like anything coming straight at him. So I always pick him up mid body or under his head and mid body. The one picture of the underside of his head really shows his BCA influence.


He is a beauty, Tom.


Love that tail!


She’s here! Looks incredible. The eyes, tail, the colors! Stunner.

Here’s some pics. I have a few short video clips up on my IG that do her a little more justice. Link below…

Eric Orr on Instagram: "What’s the best cure for the Sunday Scaries? New Snake Sunday! Just added this beautiful Ferrari Anery female to my boa group. She’s a knock out! Her eyes, tail, all the white on her sides…. 👨‍🍳😘 #boa #boas #boaimperator #boamorph #boamorphs #boamorphsofinstagram #boasofinstagram #aneryboas #aneryboa #ferrariboa #snakes #snake #snakesofinstagram #snakekeeper #snakekeepers #reptiles #reptilekeepers"No Bull Serpents IG


Congratulations Eric! She is absolutely gorgeous!


Congratulations, Eric, very nice, anery you pick up. I do love her eyes and tail saddle colors. Should make some killer babies in the future for you.


She’s amazing!! Her eyes and tail are incredible. I’ll be honest, I’m not usually the biggest fan of anery (at least on its own, I do like what it does in some combos), but I love the look of this girl! Maybe it’s the Ferrari pastel influence that’s making her look less dull and washed out to my eyes, but whatever it is, she’s stunning. Congrats!


@tommccarthy Thanks Tom! I’m excited to see how she develops and we she can produce down the line.

@jawramik I was kind of the same. Anery never really stood out to me unless it was combined with something else. A lot them just looked drab to me. I think it is the pastel that’s giving her the lighter coloration and refined look. Her saddles look like they are airbrushed on.


She’s gorgeous, congrats @eorr53 She’s clean like a ghost, but has all the contrast and borders on the tail :beers: Look forward to seeing updates as she ages!

@tommccarthy such a cool tail on Crabby Patty. Handsom fella!


I bumped Clarice up to a full size mouse last feeding and that threw her into a shed, Came back from a weekend in AZ to a beauty in some fresh skin.

Blush had a shed, and I’m pretty certain she didn’t take, so I’ll be attempting to get some decent shots of her soon.


Love those peaks and the tail colors.


Wow love the eyes! Great pickup!


As an update I got another breeding group from Dustin Lindsey Reptiles. :grin: Almost all of my VPI project has been supplied by him at this point, and each addition has knocked it out of the park.

But with these 4 I think I’m pretty set until my ‘22 females start dropping. Only other snakes I’m definitely on the lookout for is a female Kahl het anery, and possibly a male anery motley het Kahl. If I find a 100% het Kahl anery motley I’ll probably let my current non het male go. And still have several babies from the last 2 litters looking to go, so will free up room once they’re gone so I’m at least net zero or neg 1 or 2. :laughing:

First up is the th VPI moonglow girl, she’s a lazy one so far, but still pretty curious. She weighed in at 111 grams upon intake. She reminds me of how Gemma looked at this age.

She’s poss jungle but I’m going to ignore that until/if she starts to look undeniable. :laughing:

Next up is the “double dose” RR motley poss het VPI snow boy. He did his best to bust out of his shipping bag in the car, but then was calm once we got home. Lol I’m currently debating on whether I want to name him Rhaegar, or Aemond. Rhaegar sounds better, but Aemond was the character that he reminded me of when I first got him. :thinking: He weighed in at 97 grams at intake.

Next up is this lovely IMG jungle motley boy. No hets so I can put him to any of my projects. :grin: He’s big, big boy. Just about 4 months old, and already 131 grams, which is about my yearling weight.

And lastly, this fire boy. His mom is 50% het Kahl and blood. She won’t be proven for Kahl, so I will either pair him to a visual Kahl first or try RGI if they have boa testing up and running by the time my fire female is ready to go.

He was in shed when shipped:

Then shed the next day lol:


Oh you can see the BCA influence all over. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Lovely boy, glad he’s come around for you!

@eorr53 Dang she’s a beauty!! She has an absolute fantastic stonewashed look to her. :grin:
I gave you a follow on IG, too!
(I need to get my 2 out this week as they both recently shed :laughing:)

@smite Clarice is looking suave af! Love that one funky diamond back near her tail.


Thanks for the follow! I got ya back.

Those are some stunners. I really like the fire in the last group of photos. Almost has a BC look to him with the grey base and thin/reduced saddles and large saddle breaks.

That VPI moonglow should develop nicely. Love all the pink down by her tail.

Good stuff!


Nice! Thanks. :grin:

If I heard correct, since the original super fire was found in Brazil, where no BI are found, that makes fire a BCC or BCA morph. So isn’t surprising he has BC traits. :grin:

She’s just het VPI moonglow! But yes I am excited to see how she develops. She’s my only 100% het VPI and het anery.


Killer group ccboas! That IMG motley is awesome