Boa enrichment items?

I have a big female red tail boa and I am getting a newer/bigger enclosure ready for her. I’m looking for ideas of enrichment items besides the typical wood logs. I was thinking maybe a flat rock or two. Would there be specific kinds of rocks or minerals to avoid? I’m open to all suggestions, she seems to like it when I change up the logs so I figure small changes here and there with other enrichment items would be a nice change for her.

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If you are worried about using the wrong things and are quite arty then consider making rocks and stuff from expanding foam.
You can then make strange shapes that can be huge or small, solid or hollow and are extremely lightweight.
Have a look on YouTube at how to make faux rocks. :grin:

You can even use this to make hides by covering a old (suitable sized) tub and cutting a hole out once it’s dried and cured.

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If there isn’t a budget I have gone to arts and crafts stores like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby to get baskets, jars, pots for plants, and whatever else that is heavy and appropriate for my snakes as decorative and enrishment items. It’s sometimes surprising the fun stuff you can find in there.


I can clean my boas enclosure and within one day it’s completely destroyed. For that reason, I keep mine simple.

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That’s part of the reason I was thinking rocks, she does the same. Rocks would be something to rub on but has weight so it doesn’t get push around and hopefully help retain some heat in the enclosure. It’s a work in progress.

Granite is always a safe rock to go with. Heavy, pretty, and it is even safe to put in fish tanks so it won’t harm your snake. Most granite you will find will also have rounded edges, so your snake won’t harm itself. On top of that, you can find granite almost anywhere outside. I get mine from the river near me, and just scrub it with some soap and water and then use bleach and water to make sure all the little critters that could be living on it die.


I wish I lived by a stream type area I’d love to grab some stuff like that

Well it is at like a 20 mile drive to the river so it isn’t the closest, but still close enough for me to go to. It is better than buying the rocks since people over charge for them a lot. Also, it is white river that I go to. You live in Indy so you can get to it lol.

For a lot of the decor items I have in my snake tanks, I actually went hunting around in my local parks for any suitable rocks, stones, slabs, and branches. All were taken home, disinfected, baked, and any sharp points were sanded down if needed.
On the other side, Hobby Lobby and Michaels have nice fake plants! Easy to clean off, and help provide foliage cover, and make the tank colorful to look at~