Boa genetic help

Hello all.
I’m trying to learn about boa constrictor genetics-
I’m wondering, are they the same as ball pythons when it comes to genetics?

For instance, I want to make visual moonglows-
Can I take 2 hets, and create a hand full of visual MGs? Is there more or less to it?


Hi Zero :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

As our very own Dr Wyman puts it… “Genetics is genetics is genetics”.

Whether it’s a cat or a lizard, genetics has to follow its own set of rules. So yes, boas and BPs follow the same rules.

Using the “genes and traits” list on the marketplace you can work out which ones are recessive (needs two copies) and which ones are dominant (needs only one copy)…

Yellow, orange and pink represent recessive.

Blue and purple represent dominant.

Gray represents other (wild type, paradox, line bred traits).

Now you know that, you can use the morph calculator to see what results from any two pairings…

I hope this helps, if you have any more questions, no matter how simple or complex, feel free to ask them.

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In case you weren’t sure, a Moonglow is a combination of Kahl Albino (recessive), Anery Type 1 (recessive) and Hypo (dominant). The “lowest level” pairing that could produce a Moonglow is het Kahl Albino Anery (Snow) x Hypo het Snow.

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