Boa Identification Difference Between Morphs

I was wondering if there is any website/article or book out there that taught morph identification.
Such as (with how it changes based on morph)…
Color changing morphs
Pattern morphs
Dom morphs
Recessive morphs

Would be really nice Thanks!!


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Theres a ton of boa books online, most with information on different species. Theres even videos online about boas and morphs. Ive read a few but nothing specific.


I haven’t really come across anything that categorizes them into groups like that. Pretty cool idea. Some mutations will end up in multiple sections.

As far as descriptions of traits for different morphs go. I like Vin Russo’s book The More Complete Boa Constrictor. While maybe not 100% up to date it’s got some great morph descriptions. It also has great husbandry, breeding and locality information.

The morpmedia, boa subcategory here on MM has some great information and descriptions on it too.

The tool that’s helped me the most is the MM morph calculator. Gene Calculator - MorphMarket
It helped me understand how certain genes work. I basically just dreamt up a bunch of breeding scenarios with genes that appeal to me, plugged them in and saw how they interacted with one another. When you get the breeding results between the two animals you plugged in, there will be hyper links near the results where you can click and see combos if it’s been created before and sold on MM. Very useful tool.

Saturated boa morphs is a little outdated but has some of the OG morphdescriptions.

Unfortunately I haven’t found a single place that covers it all but between those and asking questions here you’ll get a pretty good idea. Talking with breeders at EXPOs ect.

I’d say the most misunderstood areas of breeding are polygenic/line bred animals. Do lots of research and as lots of questions if that’s something you’re interested in. Constantly misrepresented in most places.


Thanks i think it would be great to have something that went through and broke it down like…
Saddle shape, size, color ect
Head patterns too
Then with color morph describe color


That’s exactly what the Morphpedia is for :wink:

We just need to get the experts of each trait to contribute.

Honestly, the best way to achieve this is to reach out to breeders and send the links to the Morphpedia articles to help.