Boa Identification

So I bought a boa last month, and he was sold to me as a BCI/BCC cross but he’s growing so quickly I’m not so sure that’s true. He was 82 grams when I got him and now he’s 180 grams. Initially, I was just feeding him one fuzzy a week but he was so defensive after one and wouldn’t stop until I gave him another. I’ve got him back on eating one a week tho. Does the rapid rate of growth confirm that he’s not a cross?

Can you provide a picture of him? It will help me to find his body condition.

Well I can’t post from this device so I’ll have to do it tomorrow night


My guess is the double feedings.

Boas, especially the BCC blood actually do better with less food.
It’s a good thing you’ve backed off the food again, because from the sounds of it, you would experience regurge at some point with double feedings weekly.

It would be weird for someone to sell a 100% true BCC as a cross, but sometimes crazy things happen.

He should probably be eating a hopper or small adult mouse, and only 1 a week, and feeding every 10/14 days wouldn’t be bad for him either.

Other than this, hope your enjoying your boa!


Ok I’ll keep feeding him just one smaller prey item

Sounds good.

When possible, the food item should be close to the same thickness, if not slightly larger around than the snakes middle.
It is ok to see a small lump, you just don’t want him stretch out. If that makes sense.

When feeding prey that size, your good feeding every 1 or 2 weeks usually.

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Yeah the rat fuzzies I give him are about the same size as the thickest part of his body

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Here he is


Ok, he’s definitely not fat. I’m not sure about growth rates and species but I didn’t know if he was just putting on fat or if he was growing quickly. He seems healthy, if anything slightly underweight. Sorry I can’t help further.


Ok I was just worried

So does he look like a cross? Or a true red tail? I’m just concerned bc then he’ll need to move into my 70 gallon

Peaks in the saddles, undertone coloration, overall look says BCC but I have a feeling it is a cross. No way to tell for sure really but that’s my best guess :slight_smile: .


Ok thanks for the help :slightly_smiling_face:

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