Boa locality’s and morphs

Hello everyone, this is part question part rant and I hope it doesn’t cause the amount of fighting as the last time it came up.
The question comes up a lot sometimes here and other times on facebook. people ask if they pair a 100% locality boa ( surname for example) to a kahl albino boa if they will get surname boas who are het for albino . I have argued with people many times that once you pair a locaIity boa to a morph boa there is no longer a way to know which % is what any more. have tried to explain that they will be making het albino crosses, but you would never be able to claim anywhere down the line that you had created a “pure” kahl albino surname. Even if you bred it back to the original parents you would just be making some % of crosses but you can never cross a pure locality boa and get back to being a pure locality boa. Maybe this is a fact maybe this is my opinion. I am interested to hear from others on this subject.
Just to be clear, in “morph boa world” i have no issues if you pair a surname to a sonoran to a hog island and you want to call it a purple passion surprise.
But you could never label any of those babies as any % of the original locality as you would have really no meaningful way to know what true % of traits was actually passed on.


I agree with your stance. Once you are breeding out that pure locality boa, it is no longer guaranteed, as you likely don’t know what % of localities are in the other parent that has the morph in it. When it comes to individuals wanting pure locality boas, they won’t be going for the morphs anyhow. I think benig transparent in the pairings that produced these animals is key here. Simply state 100% surname x kahl albino or something like that so others know what you’re producing.

I think this issue is prevalent with a lot of species that have other species that are similar enough to breed them. People have done this to get morphs from one to the other (corns and kings i think is one example, right?) so you lose out on the purity of the locality. Its up to each person how important that is to them, but they 100% have the right to know what the animal is coming from, lineage wise.


Someone just posted a hybrid kingsnake that had been sold as a ‘mexican black kingsnake’ the other day.

It’s frustrating to say the least.
Especially if you are just getting into the hobby and don’t know any better. I know it took me a while to hear about how often that happens. And it’s this mindset that can cause problems with wanting to conserve a particular morph, line or locale.

I agree with you both.
They can be 100% the same general species, sure… But they will never be 100% the same locale or subspecies ever again.

One way to look at it is to look at the reticulated pythons as well. You can breed super dwarf retics from different locales together … But you either need to then label %s of the locales … Or just call it a super dwarf and drop the individual locales involved.
Or if you breed them to the mainland retic, you may see things like 50% super dwarf albino retic or 30% kalatoa, 20% kayuadi super dwarf albino retic. But they’re never going to be pure locality again.

Even breeding those two examples above together… You don’t increase the % at all. Crossing back to a 100% locale? You still can’t get back to pure. You can get close to it with selective breeding over time…but it will never be 100% pure again.


I agree with you that they can never be considered pure locality boa anymore.

I myself have crossed breed BCCXBCI and BCAXBCI for color and to make bigger morph boas. As I don’t like dwarf boas.

I always label them as a cross. Even on their bloodline history paperwork, I give to every customer it stated they are a cross with pictures of both parents.

These boas are also labeled as my WDB= World Domination Boa. For a joke that started here on MM.

Here are some BCCXBCI
Dad was a BCI sunglow motley jungle, and Mom was a Northern Brazilian BCC

Here are some BCAXBCI
Dad was a BCI albino, and Mom was a Southern Brazilian Amarali.

Dad was a BCI super sunglow, and Mom was a Southern Brazilian Amarali.

Take care


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