Boa or Carpet Python?

Ok. Been looking at a boa. Want one…pretty bad. Been looking at an albino carpet python. Want one…pretty bad.

So please compare and contrast the two. Ideally, a snake topping out between 7 and 8 feet would be ideal. But smaller would be ok as well. Please include pros/cons on husbandry as well.

And I know I can get both. I probably will. But not too soon. Gonna be on the road too much til late September.


Frankly, only really large examples of either would reach the size you are describing

Morelia are more active than boas

If you are a “purist” then your only option for Albino carpet is the Darwin carpet. If you do not mind intergrades, you have more carpet options

Males for both species will stay smaller

If you like white/yellow, you want a carpet

If you like white/pink/red, you want a boa


Thanks! Yeah I have been looking at a Darwin albino on the marketplace. Just gotta bide my time until my travel schedule settles down some.


Personally, I’d go for the boa, but that’s purely a matter of personal preference. For some reason, carpet pythons just don’t really “speak” to me. They’re certainly beautiful, but I generally prefer the look of more heavy-bodied snakes. Again, purely a matter of personal preference. I think either (or both!) would be a good option, it just comes down to your own preferences.


Truly I am a fan of 99.99% of snakes. Snakes and animals in general have always caught my eye as beautiful. Nature and the world is so beautiful. Lol, I love to walk on the beach and in the woods even if I am not herping, it is so calming to me.


Im afraid snakes are out of my expertise. I know basics of many species but my heart is in arachnids. Im sure you know what it is you are looking for and the right animal for you will call for you.

Doing your homework of course as you already know is important. Im probably not telling you something you don’t already know. Im sure you will pick the right one and really enjoy whichever you choose.

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