Boa Shed issue

I just picked up a 10 month old Hypo Blood het Kahl 2 weeks ago. She just shed for the first time for me, and unfortunately had a stuck eye cap and has these white spots on her back. I can’t tell if it’s unshed scales or if scales were pulled off in the shedding process, or something else. Any advice?

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It’s not uncommon to see discoloration like this on BC after a shed. Sometimes it goes away and sometimes it doesn’t, but in either case, it is not a health concern and does not need treatment. The eyecap, however, is an issue that needs to be adressed.

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Great. Thanks!

I definitely agree with @westridge. My boy Kai has several of these spots that haven’t gone away. It is completely fine though they can disappear after a few sheds.

Thanks. Update… eye cap is taken care of. I increased the overall room humidity, hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

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And if it does don’t stress, and stuck eye cap is not scale rot or a RI. A stuck eye cap is easy to take care of, you got this.

By the way that is one beautiful snake, I really like hypo bloods