Boa Sometimes Breathes Funny

It only happens when she goes into shed, and then I can hear her breathing (almost a weird clicking sound), sometimes she opens her mouth to breathe, and I saw a nostril bubble once. As soon as she sheds the symptoms go away entirely. I used to own snakes years and years ago, but just got back into the hobby. I’ve been assuming (after calling a vet) that this is something normal that I’ve just forgotten about as opposed to something to be concerned about but figured I’d ask to be safe.

She’s had the issue since her first time going into shed with me, and as I said the issues completely go away as soon as she sheds. I did call a board certified reptile vet about it the first time and they said some snakes do have breathing issues during their shed, so that’s why I’ve been assuming all is fine. I’ve owned her for 10 months now, she’s shed ~5 times and she has the same issues every single time, they have not gotten any worse.

So is it just a shedding issue (I’ve just been assuming the shed is blocking the majority of her nostril causing some breathing issues) or could she have some respiratory issue that is only noticeable during a shed?

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While idk what it might be, you could probably bump up the humidity a bit during shed to help with it. Keep her hydrated ect


I always bump up the humidity already. As soon as I see those milky eyes I dump an entire water bottle into the tank (kinda like simulating rain) She has access to water (I have no idea how else I’d keep her hydrated), and when it gets closer to when she’s actually gonna shed (generally it takes her about a week from when she goes milky to actually shedding) I start giving her daily soaks.

I have worried about hydration because sometimes I think she has constipation, I’ve had to give belly massages twice in the last 10 months. I’m not sure if she “needed” the massages, but if she goes 2 weeks with sausage butt, I soak and massage. But she always has a full dish of filtered water, dish gets scrubbed at least once a week (more often if she poops in it) and I keep the humidity at about 75%. She’s never soaking in her dish (I assume she would if the humidity were too low?). If she’s having issues with dehydration I have absolutely no idea why!

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