Boaedon Lineatus Breeding

Hello, I’ve had my male B. Lineatus for 6 years, and my female for 3 years. I was hoping to pair the two in 1-2 years and wanted to know breeding info on this specific species.
For those unfamiliar, B. Lineatus is a “dwarf” species of african house snakes and frankly it’s hard trying to find anything about them as results show Togo, B. Fuliginosus, instead

I’d like to know: what size/weight is best for the female to be at for breeding, what tempature seemed to work best, day/night cycle, how did you go about pairing, how many clutches should I expect with lineatus, incubation temps/humidity/tips, any trouble with babies or common issues to run in to?

[I have never bred any kind of snake before. I’ve bred a bearded dragon once, incubated the eggs with success, and have incubated several dozen chicken eggs.]


I’m afraid I’m not a breeder, but I wanted to say what a gorgeous pair of snakes you have there! I hope you get the info you need, it’d be awesome to see more lineatus out there.