Boas and Pythons same room

Okay this seems weird to me but I was told that if I keep boas and pythons in the same room then the boas will not breed, is this true? They are of course in different enclosures but currently in the same room.

I was also told that I shouldn’t have boas housed on the second floor for breeding because they will recognize the difference in pressure and won’t breed, does this have any truth to it?

Sorry for the constant questions lately, just trying to learn everything I can for the best chance on my first time.

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I know many who keep them in the same room and breed fine…

Never heard of this before myself :sweat_smile:

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I think you are all good to have them in the same room. Just make sure that temps and humidity are good and you should be good. I have never heard of this, I mean like ever. Good luck :wink:.


Lol thank you both. I thought it was nonsense but I figured I’d ask. It was only recently and one person specifically that told me these two things.


I live in a home with just one leve and my boas and retics are in the same room. Never had any breeding problems.


It’s fine. I would test the pythons for nidovirus and the boas for arenavirus, though.


I was told by 2 older breeders, that when he had his boas in the same room his boas were getting respiratory issues? Not sure why? With a consistent temp in a controlled reptile room? I keep mine at 82* most the year. He also informed me that colubrids, and boas are 2 species that can carry certain diseases, that can quickly wipe out a collection of pythons, and vise versa. Im assuming nido, on the python side, and IBD, and arena? I don’t know much, but learning, I didn’t take the chance, but i only have 4 boas anyway, easy to keep in the house not in my reptile room with 30 some pythons. This is a question ive asked alot, nice to see it brought up. I know various people that keep both species, in same controlled temp room also.