Bob Maliloux - The Giant, Whos Shoulders You Stand On

Those of you that keep Bearded Dragons will know, or at least have heard of, Bob Mailloux, the founder of Sandfire Dragon Ranch and how much he contributed to the species.

It was recently brought to our attention that Bob needs our help:


My name is Deborah and I am married to one of Bobs’s oldest friends. In fact, Bob went on my honeymoon 33 years ago when we paddled the length of the Sea of Cortez.

Bob and his beautiful wife , Gale, are suffering the effects of Bob’s advanced Parkinson’s Disease. PD is stealing Bobs ability to move and to care for himself. Gale requires help in caring for Bob on a daily basis, while she is working. Funds are desperately needed to allow for the hiring of qualified caregivers. Help us help Bob and Gale. They have given so much to the reptile world via breeding, development and education as well as their famous hospitality in their beautiful home/SandFire Dragon Ranch.

If Bob has help in his home, he can comfortably stay at home and Gale can continue to provide for Bob a safe and loving environment.

Please donate to Bob’s Go Fund Me if you can, to help him receive the caregiving he needs.