Bongo gene and it's potential

Hi all just posting my first entry into both the clown and bongo projects!
Was building around ultramel primarily until I stumbled across a pic of a bongo clown from designreptilesft and had to get it!

Let’s see everyone’s bongo combos some ideas to take the project further!


Bongo is highly underrated gene here in the states. Has pretty amazing potential


I agree 100% with it being an underrated gene. Almost everything you mix it with makes something amazing.

I just picked up this male. He was labeled a Bongo, Red Stripe(hard to confirm as I wasn’t able to find any other examples of this combo). For what I got him for, even if he’s only Bongo, I’ll take it :wink:


Bongo HGW Spotnose Yellowbelly


I’d lean towards saying it is RS looking at the blushing and colours on the back however I would have expected it to stripe out alot but cypress does a similar thing with bongo!

Looks amazing in any case

100%agree those combos you have there are phenomenal I’m looking forward to seeing it be worked into more things.

I really think it’s one combo with clown from being really desirable as it blows the sides out completely whilst aging really well

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I love HGW combos they always make a crazy looking animal and this is no exception!
Great example there mate

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Here is our Cinnamon Bongo. Two simple genes that make amazing animals. Going to have to add HGW now.


I think the Bongo and Red Stripe are fighting with regards to the dorsal. Bongo seems to, most of the time, reduce the stripe and even thin out any stripe where as the Red Stripe tends to stripe & widen. Obviously it depends on the combo and variance. From what I’ve seen, Red Stripe also tends to give the black holes in the dorsal stripe. Hopefully he’ll be a stud for me and I can prove him out!


@ballpyt I bet Cypress would be a good gene to add to that combo.

I’ll be looking to add Cypress into my collection in the near future!

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I’m definitely with you guys on the Bongo gene, so much more to be done & seems to be “under the radar” possibly bc of the popularity of cypress or various other reasons. At this point I have only 1 single gene Bongo female growing up, produced by Ozzy, that luckily I still have about a year to figure out the male for her…Candy? Nanny/Vanilla/Phantom? Coral Glow, Lesser combo?? Endless possibilities…! Good Luck to everyone smart enough to get this gene into their collection


I love the bongo gene and it’s untapped potential was something I was looking for that was not well represented in breeders in my area, from what I have seen. I got this girl last month, a pastel bongo het Clown that i hope to pair with my leopard clown het pied male next year. Thanks to everyone for sharing their pics and good luck in your future projects!


Bongo and Cypress pretty much came out at the same time. In my opinion Bongo does so much more than Cypress. Cypress is a enhancer on color. Bongo does it all changes the pattern while enhancing the color. It all comes down to who has a bigger YouTube following and who is pushing a certain gene. It’s sad to see this gene pushed to the side because some weren’t invested in it.

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Bongo mojo candys, and a bongo candy


I’ll be honest I’m not a fan of this gene. It doesn’t do anything special that other genes also do. I’d love to be shown something that makes this gene so different that it’s worth adding to my plans.

That’s completely understandable it’s not for everyone!
For me it’s the impact it has on the side pattern disruption and the blushing it provides which will be big for the Combos I’m aiming for however it does somewhat impact headstamps which are some peoples favourite thing about a combo.

Check out
He has alot of cool looking bongo stuff and what it does in clown is great for the direction I’m going for

Just wanted to share a few of these babies that just hatched from a pastel bongo x cinny fire yb :grin:


Possibly biased but I think the fire bongo stuff is insane!
It’s not good to be jealous in the hobby but in this case I definitely am!
Those hatchlings look phenomenal have you id’d them yet?

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Thanks @royalforestpythons. Obviously the top one is fire bongo, Not fully sure on this one :woman_shrugging: :joy:, I think cinny bongo, and last one looks to be a fire cinny bongo poss yb :grin: :grin: Maybe someone with a little more experience in identifying bongos will chime in