Borneo eared frog display enclosure

So, I’ve recently gotten into frogs, and I’ve been considering getting some Borneo eared frogs, so I’d like to ask a few things. Can they be housed in groups, do they do better in groups than alone, and if they’re good in groups, how many could I reasonably house in a 36L x 18D x 24H display enclosure?


Like being in groups.
Infact most if not all frogs do.
I’m still trying to find a female for my southern toad so he’s not alone the poor thing :sweat_smile:

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I would exercise a bit of caution when it comes to the known cannibal species… Like Ceratophrys, I would never house them as a group. Unless is was in something obscenely large, like a 2m cage

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I didn’t know they’re cannibalistic! One of the local reptile stores houses two of them in the same cage, and a not very big one at that :grimacing:

I did that once… And learned a bit of an expensive lesson out of it