Both 100% het clown but

If both parents are 100% het clown why are some of the babies only 66% het clown?

When you pair 100% to 100% and dont hit a visual it becomes a 66% offspring.

100% to 0% recessive would make 50% het offspring.

and a visual recessive to any of the above if you don’t make visuals it is a 100% het.

visual to visual is all visuals.

But if you keep any of the 66% or 50% hets and breed them to another het or visual, and they then create a visual animal… You’ve successfully proven them to be Het and they change to 100% het. The other percentages(66%, 50%) are just the amount of probability that you’ve got the recessive gene hiding in them.


In reality you will have normals and het clowns however since you cannot tell them apart all normal looking offspring are considered 66% Possible Het Clown.

To produce Het Clown you would need to pair a Clown to a Normal than all your offspring would be 100% Het Clown

If you pair a 100% Het Clown to a normal your offspring would be considered 50% Het Clown since again you could not tell the normal from the het clown apart.

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Thank you Stewart.

Thank you genetic!

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Very simply, both parents may be carrying the gene but there’s no guarantee they will pass that gene on to their offspring. Some will be visual, some will be het and some won’t be carrying the gene at all. However, as you can’t tell for definite until you prove it out, it is considered that there is a better chance of that animal being het than not hense the 66% “Probable” het tag as oposed to the 50% “Possible” het.

The only way of being 100% certain of passing that gene on (as mentioned above) is if one of the parents was a visual representation.

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