Bought a snake, booked a courier and the courier can't get intouch with the seller

Hiya, so I’ve bought a snake from a seller, paid in full, booked courier and the courier has phoned me to tell me that he’s had a nightmare getting to the persons house and he isn’t answering.

The courier has had to leave. I’ve phoned, text and messaged on MorphMarket to no answer.

What should I do now?

Apprently the courier has been to this persons house a few times for snakes before and had no issues and he has 7 good reviews on MorphMarket.


Was the breeder aware of the pick up time booked for the courier?
Sometimes things happen in life. Hopefully there wasn’t an emergency on the breeder’s end.

Having several good reviews is always a good sign. If this was a purchase I had made, I would wait until the end of day to see if there is any contact back from the breeder. After that I would consider contacting support on the Store side of things. If you go to the Get Help tab on the sales page, you will see a pop up for “Contact Us!”. That will get a ticket open on their side and reduce the runaround from forum to stores.


Update: seller has gotten back to me, turns out the courier hadn’t contacted him of a delivery. So ive recieved a refund from the courier and hes nocked off £10 and rebooked with someone else x i will let you know if she arrives but so far its looking good.
Thank you for the replys its really took some weight off x
This is a lesson for the future, i will need to sort a credit card when making bigger purchases so hopefully if something goes wrong the bank will sort it. I will look into this more in the next few weeks x


All recieved, happy and healthy x


Great news, glad it worked out for you.


Enjoy the new snake!


Maybe some pictures :upside_down_face:. Happy to hear that she arrived safe and well :relaxed:.


Only just seen this :heart: ill post in a few days x shes stunning! Super happy x Glad we managed to resolve this x