Bought as pied. Breeder bought female as possible yellow belly. Is there more going on


Pretty pied, no yellowbelly there.


Thanks. Just looked unusual. Need to spend more time on MM.


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I’m no expert, but looks like just a pied to me.

There can be so much variation in just one morph, it’s amazing! We have 2 pieds, ones colouring is lighter than the other with slightly different patterning, but they are both just pieds

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Thanks. Just never seen one as bright. All the “Normal” pied I have seen have been quite mutted in colour. But like you said there are huge varieties across the same morphs. Thanks again for your feedback and I am looking forward to seeing how he matures.

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He’s likely to darken as he matures. Our male was bright as a baby, he got darker as he got older. His still lighter than our other pied so hopefully yours will stay bright too :crossed_fingers:

The area where the white breaks in will always be more orange and bright without any extra genes kinda like the area around a ringer if that makes any sense.

These two are single gene pieds you can see the orange around the edges.


Thanks for that. The pictures make sense of the differences.


No problem! I like pictures lol

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