Bowl wrapping and breeding timeline?

On my morning checks today my big girl was wrapped around her bowl. This is definitely not usual behavior for her. She’s certainly been building, and I am planning to breed her soon.

She laid her last clutch in early August, so that’s only been four months. Seems early for pairing. Should I just follow the signs, or sit tight for another month or two? She’s built back up to 2100g. Thoughts?

Here’s a bad shot of her from this morning. I’ll try to get better shots if this behavior continues.


Here is something from Brandon Osborne that may help you.

I guess there are a few things to consider first.

  • Do you need to pair her?

  • Will you get anything from pairing her that will push your plans forward?

  • Can you house and/or sell the babies when they come.

  • Do you think she is ready to go again?.. Only you will know.

I will say you must be doing something right to get her back up to that size again :clap:


@eaglereptiles. Thank you, all fair points.

I should clarify my question: Provided that I do intend to breed her for reasons listed above, is four months from laying her last clutch seasonally too early to begin pairing?

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I couldn’t give you personal experience here.
I can give you my opinion though, which would be to wait it out.

And also this discussion… How many consecutive seasons is it safe to breed a Female Ball Python.

It all depends on your individual animal though, and if you believe she is ready, I’m guessing she will produce.


I would have to agree. It all depends on the female. I’ve had females lay consecutive clutches as little as 10 months apart. This isn’t something I tried to do, it’s just what the females did on their own.

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