Bowl wrapping before pairing?

Hey all.
I plan on breeding my female Enchi Spinner Calico Yb OD pos het pied female this year, I normally start pairing in October.
Yesterday while I was cleaning tubs and opened hers and she was bowl wrapping yet she hasn’t been paired.
I’ve only had three clutches so still fairly new to this :sweat_smile:

I thought bowl wrapping was seen after pairing? Or is it before too, and that’s a sign she’s building?

She’s also been on the cool side more often, still has a great appetite.

Sorry for the noob questions lol sometimes I forget :sweat_smile:


No question is a bad one! I have been breeding forever and I am still stumped, confused and learning every year! So bowl wrapping is a sign of building, as is staying on the cool side. But also if they are too warm, they may bowl wrap as well. If temps are right, she could be building, they can build or bowl wrap before and during pairing, whenever their body decides to build some follicles! I also start pairing at the end of October, and some times females that didn’t breed may start to seek cooler temps for me, so a good possibility.

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Oh ok, lol, I was just worried. Her warm side is 88-89F and the cool side is 75-76F. I jusr wanted to make sure it was ‘normal’. I really want this girl to breed!Hopefully she proves out to be het pied :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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