Boxes for adult ball python

Any one in the uk have an link for decent sized boxes for adult ball pythons. I some that are 75cm long 25 high and 30 wide i dont feel like these.are good enough


That does seem to be to small. But it also depends on the size of the snake.
Any storage bin with locking lids will work. Just add holes along top side (only half way across) and one end, as needed to control temp amd humidity.

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Agreed not good enough. as @d_y_pythonsays -a bit too small

really useful boxes (RUBS) come in all sizes. from hatchling grown on to large adult. 33 litres should do for an average adult but there are smaller and bigger
google really useful boxes for suppliers.


Or for new hatchlings, i use these - (google 3L braplast box for suppliers)

Loads of suppliers in the UK for both. message me for good ones.


I did look at them 33l boxes but the 46l i have are wider and taller than them and alot cheaper. They just dont look as nicebut are bigger the 64l boxes i have are the same width as the v70s just not as long

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I was wondering do people still use the 41q boxes americans use ?

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Those 33l boxes are actually smaller than the boxes i currently have. I just want longer but still wides but not as wide as the 70l really useful boxes thats all

@mjs-exotics . If you want different proportions than RUBSm i dont really know then but these people have helped me in the past.
I used to get some USA made tubs from them which were different sizes to RUBs.
Worth a look.

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