BP ID help. Mystery snake

Hello everyone, Once again I need the help of my fellow morphers. I just hatched a clutch and I have a mystery snake. The pairing was a male black pastel Mojave ghost to a Butter pastel enchi. She had 6 eggs. 3 blue eye Lucy 100% ghost, A enchi pastel, Mojave pastel enchi ( not sure what it is also, need help id), and a "silver’ snake with a stripe down its back. So this mystery snake does have some kinking not sure if its bad enoght that it won’t survive. Also one of the blue eye Lucy was very kinked and needed to be put down. The rest of the clutch is perfectly healthy. SO I’m confused as to where this silver guy came from, also don’t want to breed this pair again if its a deadly combo. I attached pics of the parents and the clutch, any help is more than welcome.


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That’s weird, the coloration and kinking seem to suggest it’s a super black pastel or 8 ball. I certainly wouldn’t make this pairing again given that you have two that are kinked

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I think the bottom snake is a a blanchi of sorts. So I would agree with Hilary’s identification.

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I paired her to a banana butter and didn’t get anything with black pastel in the entire clutch

The kinking and color is definitely a super black pastel or and eight ball.


I agree on mom possibly being a pewter enchi butter… She looks more blushed out on the sides than a typical pastel butter enchi and it looks like some of her pattern chains and melts together like cinnamon would. Black pastel can make the pattern looks more like a looping line, so I’m more inclined to say cinnamon than black pastel.

The BEL that you hatched could have also been an 8ball and that’s why it kinked. So unfortunately yeah I wouldn’t breed these two again since they both seem to cause kinking together and avoid 8 ball complexes in future pairings for the two.


Well **** didn’t see that coming. I guess next year she will get a different male. Also what do you all think about the baby Mojave in the pic of all the babies, what other genes do u think are in it.

Could you please help me ID the Mojave baby in the picture above?

Nevermind I read the sexes backwards :joy:

If you mean the one in the middle under the enchi… That may be a black pastel enchi lesser, not a Mojave.

If that is the case, cinnamon/black pastel and enchi are allelic… Which is a pretty neat thing to happen. Also! That reminds me of a comment you made earlier… You bred this female before? Did every baby in her last clutch have enchi? Because if she does indeed have cinnamon as well, she can’t have had babies hatch out with both genes last time because she’s allelic. Or if the banana got the black pastel, it might have been missed in some of the banana coloration or in the BELs