BP personalities

I’m new to snakes. Ironically I’m a dog trainer, that specializes in aggression. My question is on snake personalities. My girl is a rescue. Got her from her third home, because she was a biter. For whatever reason she liked me, and was in horrible conditions, so I rescued her. Finally got in contact w the local reptile store my friend got her from. Took her in w me, and he remembered Atti. She had been in 3 homes before me, bc she is a biter. She has never offered to bite me, but still strikes at anyone else. My question is ppl keep saying I need to “socialize” her. She is in good health, not stressed. Husbandry is good. She is young, hatched last Sept. To me, it just seems her personality is just not social. Is there any good reason to try and force her to be more accepting of others?

Few things about BP

Young Ball Pythons tend to be defensive and see people as predators, they grow out of this as they get bigger and older.

They do sense people that may not be comfortable with them.

Heat and sent may also trigger that behavior.

They are wild animals and expectations should not be the same as owning a dog or a cat, they may tolerate interaction and handling but it is really is for the human enjoyment not theirs.

In my experience leaving them alone and watching their body language is key she will eventually grow out of this stage they all do.

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I kinda figured the reason she is comfortable w me, is bc I was never scared of her. Worst thing that happens is she bites me, and that is really not a big deal. She is fine w me. Just defensive w others, so I don’t let a lot of others around, bc she doesn’t like it. Thanks for the info. I can see how these guys can be addictive. :grinning:

One point I’ll add is snakes aren’t “socialized”, they just tend to stop acting defensively when they don’t feel threatened. This tends to happen with just proper husbandry and the bigger they grow the less threatening we seem. Each snake will have its own personality. I have bps I can hand to kids and bps that would be in my best interest to use a snake hook to handle. They do their own thing.