BP recently not eating too well?

Sorry I know there are a billion posts like this, but I have a BP (my only snake atm) that I’ve had for a little over a year now. He’s 2 years and like 2 months now. He’s always been a voracious eater. Could watch him, not shy at all, always explores when handled, etc. But recently he’s just not been interested. I don’t want to say he’s on a ‘strike’ just yet, because when he didn’t eat previously, I just placed it by his hide and he ate sometimes. Then he didn’t eat at all the next. Then he struck like crazy again the time after that. And now he’s not eating again when I offered yesterday. I even offered it at like 12 when his lights turned off, and he had his head out as if he were waiting. Just retreated into his hide. And yes, the rat is fully thawed and very warm.

Basically feeling a bit like a failure here because I know that when they don’t eat I’m probably doing something wrong, but I try to spoil this snake. I will say that I just recently (like a month ago?) put him into a 120 gallon enclosure. At first I figured it was that, but he explores at night and his personality hasn’t changed at all. When I first got him when he was tiny and like 100 grams I put him in a 20, then eventually a 40, and he didn’t care whatsoever, ate like a pig. So it’s a bit hard to think it’s the size of the enclosure or the stress of something new.

His hot side is around 90 air, 95 surface. Cold side is like 78. Humidity is around 60, so that’s not an issue. Two hides, all that jazz.
I am assuming I’ve maybe overfed him? That’s what i have been told before (a bit condescendingly lol) But he doesn’t seem that big or fat. And I don’t even feed every 2 or so weeks like most people. I’m already only feeding him smaller side of small rats, and every like, once a month. He is currently 1200 grams, and around 4ft.

I wouldn’t be stressing if I knew he just didn’t feel like eating. It just doesn’t feel good suspecting that it’s on my end, when I try to do my best. Literally any insight appreciated, thanks!


First thing, you should bring the temp down. Anything over 90 is too hot. 90 would be the extream surface high side. You are good on the humidity.

When they get this age, they tend to eat every other week. So, if feeding weekly, it could just be getting stressed from all the trying.

It is common for them to skip meals or even “go on eating strikes.” I would wait a month and then try something smaller. You could even move it back to the smaller one for a month and see if it eats. As long as it is not losing weight fast, i would not worry about it. There are so many things you can do or try, but it is very early to start getting into it now.


Hi! Okay, I’ll bring the heat down.

And I feed it once a month, and if he doesn’t eat, I try every two weeks.


male ball python are sexually mature at 2 years old. Breeding season will now affect his appetite he a men now .

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But he’s not displaying any breeding behavior? I also thought breeding was September through November.

Wild and captive breeding times are different. Captive can breed anytime. Not eating is a sign he thinks it is breeding time. But, high temps can also throw things off.


breeding season? you can do it year around.