BP swollen snout/lip?

First off, ill be in contact with my vet. But their office is closed today, and they wouldnt open until later in the morning regardless

This girl is about a year and a half. She recently started showing signs of an RI (very mild. Just the slightest click when breathing), and since i had another snake being treated i didnt want to risk it. Shes been on endrofloxacin injections every 3 days for a total of 8 injections - today was her 6th. They did a bacteria culture of her mouth to make sure they got the right antibiotic for that

Weve been battling mites, and because of that ive just had a domino effect of animal issues from the stress of it all. Im almost certain thats what led to the RI in general - in 15 years ive never had my snakes get sick or injured until those damn mites.

I thought the other day her nose looked puffy, but ive been dealing with a lot of more narrow-headed snakes than ball pythons recently, so i didnt think much of it. But today, her lip definitely has something going on. Since shes already on antibiotic injections, im not sure what to think of it.
From what ive read it could be as simple as a bad tooth, or nose rubbing. And i know some issues can be addressed at home vs the vet. So while i wait to contact them (even if it just means a bit longer on the endro), just looking for input if anyone has any ideas.

She ate last week, so her appetite is good and she should be metabolising her meds. No more weird breathing. Normally theyre in full enclosures, but since the mites and now the RIs have been in quarantine tubs on just paper towel with a water dish. So no chance of substrate being lodged atm

If you feel confident doing it, carefully open it’s mouth with a tongue depressor/popsicle stick and see if there is any sign of mouth rot or impacted teeth. You’re going to need a vet’s input regardless but doing a visual check will let you know if you have another problem or if it’s related to your current issues.


Agree with @ballornothing looks like inflamed gums from mouth rot pushing against lips. In extreme cases you can see discolored, almost soft and cheesey looking gums, but I would bet you are catching it early and may only look swollen. I also wanted to say, it seems you are doing everything right for the animal, good job! Hope all goes well, thanks for sharing