Brand New Bioactive Jackson’s Chameleon Enclosure

Just finished my week long bioactive build for my Jackson’s Chameleon. Purchased all of the equipment from NEHerpetoculture. They did a great job. Fast shipping, excellent customer service, detailed instructions. Made a really daunting process for a newbie like myself seem manageable. Only took me a week, but the build is done. Now 4-6 weeks for the plants to root and acclimate and the isopods to do what isopods do and my Bubba Boy can move in. Still have to wire up the fogger and the mister and the thermostat and the lamps lol. A lot of work left to do, but it’s as done as it needs to be for a few weeks.

For anyone looking for one stop shopping for bioactive setups check out NE Herps. I got the lighting, the substrate, the plants, all of the background decor and all of the tools needed to install for a very reasonable price. I had several questions along the way and any time I called an awesome customer service person was able to walk me through whatever problem I was having.

Super happy with the way this turned out. Can’t wait for my dude to see his new digs. I’ve wanted to do a full bio build for a few years now. Finally did it.


Personally I’d add more branches. Chams need lots of branches etc to climb. Our Panther doesn’t stop :sweat_smile: Thicker ones also. :blush:
And assuming you’re going to get bigger as he/she grows? Ours is in a 45x60x90. He would’ve been in bigger, 90x90+ but he actually stopped growing when he injured his tongue! Gives them more room across to wander. My male would be to big in that size. He’s a right roamer though. Even got his fav branch and all he sleeps on every night and plant he likes to drink from :sweat_smile:

I’ll have a look at that site as hoping to get a Pied Yemen eventually now. They in or ship to uk? :blush:

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