Brand New to MorphMarket and Reptiles

Hello! I’m Ollie/Olivia and I’m looking to get my first snake in about a year. I’ve been wanting one for quite awhile and convinced the right people to let me get one :slight_smile:
(Looking to get a sun kissed ghost corn snake :revolving_hearts: )

That being said, I want to learn more about breeding&keeping mainly corn snakes as well as ball pythons- I’d love any tips/tricks/etc!

Thank you all!


Welcome! It’s a beautiful hobby with so much to experience. Luckily, it’s a nicely established hobby with lots of information! YouTube is my favorite place for learning more about breeding and keeping, but you’ll also find that different people contradict each other since there’s always more than one way to skin a cat!


Welcome to the community


Welcome to MM and the reptile hobby.
I’d say since you’re thinking about getting a snake in a year, look into some husbandry books and videos online. The more you research before you get a snake, the better prepared you’ll be to tackle unforeseen issues with husbandry. Not saying issues will arise, but always good to read all you can.
Corn snakes are a terrific first species. They eat very well, they are hardy in captivity and they roam their enclosure which makes them fun to watch. They also don’t get very big which will make handling much easier for a beginner. But once you get one…it’s really hard not to get more, reptiles(especially snakes in my opinion) are just awesome.


+1, Can’t go wrong with a corn-snake.

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