Brazillian rainbow boa

hi i am very intrested in getting a Brazilian rainbow boas and I was wondering if you guys have any tips on how to keep the humidity up

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I don’t own a BRB or CRB but I do own a BI. The way I keep humidity up is simply spraying down the enclosure, but oblivious make sure to not leave it soaking wet. I bet it would help to have a fogger of some find, but let others suggest that. I would say the number one way is definitely to have a large water bowl. I hope that others can help, and I hope that this helps. :heart::snake:


Since BRB’s require high humidity (In the 80-90% range) Your best best would be a fogger and humidity control unit…Just set the unit to 80%. Ensure your enclosure is sealed well so it holds humidity. Throw a water bowl in there and you should be good. BRB’s do NOT forgive husbandry issues as well as other snakes so ensure your temps, cage size etc are good as you can end up with a sick snake or worse.


For my high humidity tanks I add a drainage layer to provide constant moisture. I also add multiple large water dishes to raise the humidity. I also cover part of the lid with aluminum foil to hold in humidity and moisture. I don’t use heat lamps or lights since that bakes the enclosure and causes all of the moisture to evaporate and escape. To keep up the humidity you either need to mist daily/near daily or you could buy a fogger or automatic mister.
Brazilian Rainbow Boas are very sensitive to humidity and temperature changes. I would recommend providing a larger enclosure than necessary so the boa can choose what temperature and humidity it wants to be in.


Hey my friend!
I have my BRB in a good ol’ plastic pin. It’s a large 40 gallon plastic tub with lid you can find at Lowe’s or Home Depot. I Drilled holes in the size to add climbing poles using PVS, a reptibark substrate, water bowl and hide. I have small holes drilled around the top of the tub for ventilation and use heat tape for warmth. My humidity levels are always high and she enjoys it! Also easy to clean.

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