Breed lemonglow superdwarf retic help

Hi, I am new with retics. I got my first lemonglow superdwarf and I would like later to breed it. I have heard that it is het for black eyed lucy, so this means that if I breed it with another lemonglow, there is a probability to take black eyed lucy, right?
Also I heard that this is a fatal gene, so could they live or they will surely die?
Also if I breed it with platinum, which morphs do I get?
Thank you so much!


Regarding the lucy, there’s a bit more info on a post with some issues retics can have.
It looks like it’s something that develops fairly often in Lucys. The ideal is to wait until they are over a year and a half old to know for sure. So personally I wouldn’t breed for Lucy unless you are planning to babysit every one until you can guarantee health or sell at an extreme discount because you can’t guarantee that they’ll live due to thee genetics.


Welcome to the forum @vaso_zn! Congratulations on your newbie super dwarf retic! You have found the right place for questions and answers/advice!

Best wishes for your future plans @vaso_zn. And btw just so ya know, we do love pictures! :pray:


Actually there is a photo tax and it is heavy for retic content. So @vaso_zn, time to pay up lol :joy:.


A very complicated genetic question actually, but @eaglereptiles worked very hard trying to sort all this out. Depending on the line you can get ivory’s, ultra ivory’s, black eyed Lucys. Most people consider the lemonglow line (especially rice line lemonglows) to make the most healthy black eyed Lucy’s. Whether this is the absolute truth I couldn’t say for sure.


It breaks my heart that people chose to propitiate these kind of genetic flaws. I get how beautiful and exciting morphs can be. I just wish everyone focused on fist healthy animals 2 social/preserving behaviors. 3. Looks. Not blaming anyone personally. Things happen. I just am lamenting the extreme few

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