Breed? X? Hypo? Suggestions? Identifying?

Any suggestions on what boa X this is?


Gonna be difficult to give a solid answer. I will say it reminds me of some of the original hypos, they looked similar to this, if memory serves.

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Thank you very much! See looks a little like leopard as well in my opinion. I bought her as a four year old. So I don’t know her breeding:( she’s got the same as the short tail red tail constrictor . I’m very curious as see look similar to hypo too! Thank you

Looks central american, possibly hypo but hard to tell.

Like Randy said, it reminds me of some of the early Jeff Gee line hypos which we crossed more into the CA side. But there is quite a bit of melanin in this animal and it might not be a hypo. Tough to tell! Definitely doesn’t look common Colombian.


I totally agree that you for the feedback it’s very hard to tell… she looks like 4 -5 boas in one maybe granddad and grandmother was different to mum and dad

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