Breeder loan or breeding on my own

Hi, everyone! I have a nine month old normal pastel ball python, he is about 30’’ long and almost 2’’ wide. I was wondering if you anyone would be willing to breed him with a female ball python. If not, that is fine. If you don’t than can you tell me if there are any reptile breeders in New Mexico that would be want to breed with my ball python. Also, I don’t know how we would breed them, would I send him to you or would we do something else? Any information helps! If I breed him, this would be my first time breeding a ball python, so I hope if I do that it can turn out well.

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This isn’t the correct thread and I also dont think your male would be ready to breed anyway because 9 months is still extremely young. The youngest male I have bred was slightly over 15 months. Also, why do you want to ship your snake off to someone else to breed him for you? It’s not like you are going to get any eggs since he is a male and most breeders probably wont want to collaborate with you because there are just so many normal pastels out there already. I recommend you just keep him and breed him yourself with a female that is yours.


OK, thank you for the info!

No offense but considering the market, no breeder will want to waste a female on a simple pastel male.

I think you have a lot of research to do.

Whether or not you want to make money you need to understand market saturation, supply and demand.

Finally even if you had a worthy male I would not recommend breeder loans with complete strangers, it’s a recipe for disaster.

So key word here is research research research the info is out there.


OK, thanks. I’ll do more research about breeding and selling. :slight_smile:

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I am working with another to prove out a female I bought from her. Then another friend in a few years, we will again be proving another baby I bought from him. These are recessive genes we are working with. I personally will only do it with my friends. I would never accept a random snake from a random person with a gene that is way too common