Breeder Rack Organization?

So I am starting to get my Snakes into racks to start getting them grown up for breeding in a few years. I see a lot of videos where people use clips and color coding of some kind in their reptile rooms, but I don’t really see a lot of videos or explanations as to what they use them for or for how to keep your racks organized or marked depending on the condition of the snakes. I am assuming these are used to mark when certain snakes are Gravitt, ready to breed, ill, just ate, etc. Could some of you breeders out there share some of your organization systems? Would like to get ideas for the best types of management especially once collections start to grow!


I use colored tape. A different color for what is happening.
Orange = ate
Yellow = shedding
Black = empty (either an empty bin or moved out for breeding)
Red = currently breeding
Pink = locked
Blue, purple, green = in single and different combinations to mark the snake paring
(ex: male 1 = blue, female 1 = green, both tubs get both colors. Tubs with blue and green are the paring for that season. Red is added to the tub both are together in, and black is added to the one moved out during the time together) tub with blue, green, black = breeding and empty. Tub with red, blue, green = tub currently breeding.
No tape = nothing happening, did not eat, not being pared, can be handled.


I do the same thing basically as @d_y_python except I use the little circle magnets. Blue=shedding red=mouse eater, ect. Also I still just use index cards for their personal info, but for babies the past few years I have been using different colored ones for clutches. So the first clutch I would use yellow, second green, ect. Helps me keep the track without having to actually read my handwriting! :joy:


I use binder clips

red - didn’t eat
green- ate
pink- paired for the season
blue- ovulated

I also have a “male” tag for each of my boys so when they are in with the female those go on.