Breeders feeding schedule

Breeders how often do you feed your male breeders, female breeders, snakes for sale, grow outs?

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I feed my babies weekly until six months of age, every 10 days until they’re a year old, and all adults every 2 weeks.


I’m not super strict with it, if feeding day happens to be chaotic, I’ll wait an extra day or two, or if some of my females are looking a bit hefty for non-reproductive reasons, sometimes I’ll make them wait a few extra days as well


I feed my babies weekly and I offer my adult breeder males and females a meal weekly. Sometimes they eat and sometimes they don’t. I also don’t feed the max size they can handle so if it’s an adult I don’t feed bigger than small rats so they aren’t using all their energy all week digesting such a huge meal. Works well for me but I breed my own ASF’s so I can have food available when I need it and what sizes I want to feed. But do what works well for you their is a thousand ways to get the same outcome :100:


I used to feed weekly. I now feed my adults every 3 weeks (sometimes once a month for males)Since switching I’ve gotten my snakes to healthier weights and don’t have problem feeders anymore(nobody refuses meals) I feed my holdbacks every two to three weeks. I’ve noticed a huge change for the better and am glad I made the switch although it seems like holdbacks grow super slow lol.


Grow slower, live longer :+1:t4: :+1:t4:


The candle that burns twice as bright lasts half as long.’ Makes sense to me on a common sense level.

The more I read posts here, the more you guys are selling feeding less often to me.
Because of that I have recently moved from weekly to every two weeks with good results.
I Just need a bit more confidence and evidence to take it a little further.

Anecdotal I know, but I have healed a decade long medicated stomach problem by eating less often myself. No meds anymore. I just give my digestive system a brake and chance to heal and my body a chance to increase Autophagy.


I will admit it took me a long while to get there as well. Travis posts and discussions are what pushed me in that direction. I will say i have had zero downside to it. And it also allowed me to slim down my rodent colony quite a bit which in turn has me enjoying the hobby even more lol.!


This animal has not eaten since the first week of November if that helps make you feel any better about the idea. Has a month and a half or so to go before he gets his next meal too. Still great body tone and musculature (you can see how he is flexing to ride the hook)


That’s a good point. If I think about it, I have had snakes not feed for longer than that without any loss of body tone and musculature, or the ability to produce health offspring.

I have always believed that many snakes are adapted to long periods without food being available and as such are one of the best survivors.

I have always believed the idea of feeding most snakes less is more healthy, but I tended to follow the most common guidelines, not the most intelligent or my own instinctive ones.

Thanks for helping me help my snakes. I am going to take the next step.