Breeders that specialize in particular morphs

I wonder if we could start a thread that people could go to that would allow them to message or ask certain breeders that work with specific morphs when it comes to identifying them.

Like I know @saleengrinch works with Champagne a lot like me. That way we could tag people in relevant morph questions.


That sounds good to me. As long as we’re not recommending them (for sales) then it’s not against the forum rules. It should be beneficial since we know which people specialize in which areas. If you wanted to we could either make this thread one or you could make a new thread with a wiki.

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Either is fine with me! I don’t know how to do the second one lol

If you want to post a wiki you can click the three dots on the bottom of your post (next to the edit pencil), click the wrench, and then click Make Wiki. Then you can select which people/groups will be allowed to edit it. Whichever people/groups you select will be able to edit, change, and add to it.

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I’m not seeing the wrench…

I went ahead and made it a wiki


Thank you I appreciate it

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