Breeding 2023

I have a Banana Ball Python (M) 800g and Vanilla Pastel (F) 1600g Pythons. I’m not familiar with the genetics and how to come up with any kind of background for their offsprings. Will their kids be banana pastels or what? I added an image of them pairing.


You could get:
Banana Pastel
Banana Vanilla
Pastel Vanilla
Banana Pastel Vanilla

Equal odds of each of the above combos.


I would recommend taking some time to read up on ball python morphs, how the traits are passed down/inherited and how to ID them. You should be knowledgable about what you are breeding before breeding


Another good tool to use is the MorphMarket Calculator! Trust me, it’ll save you a lot of time ha-ha

Input your male and then your female, and it will auto-populate what your outcomes could be :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @urbanhiss! I am going to be the bad guy here but in a constructive way. If this is your first time breeding, you need to check out how many bps are listed here on MM. There are around 43,000 + now I think.

Unless you have prospective buyers/adopters for the babies, you could very easily end up with 8 to 10 animals to care for (including mom and dad) all at one time. That means housing, feeding , maintenance, and of course any medical needs that might arise, which also means you need to have a reputable exotics vet lined up in advance. Which you should already have since you have at least 2 snakes. All of the above costs money and a lot of it. Especially if the babies don’t sell for a long period of time.

This still doesn’t include special feeding needs for babies that don’t want to eat. Assist feeding may be required. Also in rare cases a baby may not make it or need to be euthanized.

If you already have plans for a breeding project and you are financially able to see it through properly then go for it. Just be able to ensure the welfare of all of the animals you may produce including the parents be your number one priority.

Best wishes to you and whatever your breeding future may bring! :blush: