Breeding a mystic spider

so i have a female mystic spider ball python dose any one know how much her baby’s will be with a male lesser fire ball python

You would have to look up average prices for all the possible outcomes.

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And as long as you sign in you can click advanced search put in your genes of your snakes and go down to availability, it is pre-set to for sale but you can change it to all to see a lot more snakes and prices with the same gene

Also make sure to double check the risk of breeding spiders to make sure what might come of genetic deformities assuming you’ve not bred them before I personally have not so you probably know more than I do

No issues with the pairing mentioned. Spider x any other wobble morph is a no-no but that’s about as far as the problems go. Spiders are not genetically predisposed to physical deformities, just the neurological/inner ear issues.


Ah okay thank you for telling me this I thought it was all spiders

what if my mystic spider have no wobble would it still pass down to it’s young

The wobble associated with spiders isn’t typically something that the severity of is passed down, from what I understand. The severity of it can range from little to no visual signs, to severe. It depends entirely on the snake.

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As mentioned, it doesn’t matter how minimal or extreme the wobble is, it always passes on. The severity of it varies from animal to animal. The defect is ‘attached’ to the gene and cannot be fixed or removed from it. The only exception to that is that the Blackhead morph will mask the wobble in spider combos. Spiders that don’t show wobble can produce animals that are always upside down and vice versa.