Breeding. BIG Suriname male to adult female

Okay guys new here, I have done research for days and I can not find any one with previous documented experience.
Bcc suriname
I have a male, almost 9 years old. Hes a beast of an animal. My female is 5 years old. He is twice her size. Maybe more.
I see people putting 4 foot males with 8 foot females all the time via instagram. Im unsure if its such a thing that he can be too big. I will try to attach photos.
My second quiesion that i would really appreciate someone shead some light on.
These suriname that I have. Are visually different. One has black peaks the others are brown.
I recieved these from my father a few years ago and ive just raised them. The past year ive become much more engauged with all 6 and they are of breeding age so I want to pair them.
On top of not knowing if he is to large. Bc they “look” different are they different localities?

Thanks guys


I would wait until that female got a bit larger personally. Surinames can vary quite a bit in color. No real way to say if one is suriname, Guyana, pokigron unless you know the source of collection but they are both BCC


Yeah, just look at those tails.


Yes both look like Suriname to me. However your female is to small to breed right now. BCC take longer to grow than BCI. I would not breed her until 8 or 9 years old, 7 to 8 feet and 30+ LBS.
I’d you do breed her now she will more than likely die.

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Ment if you breed her.

Are you positive on there sex? Female has a long tail it looks like