Breeding clowns

So I got a Black pastel 66% Het clown and Black Pastel Butter het clown what are the chances of visual clowns?

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There is a calculator on the marketplace page just for answering questions like this.

You can find it here

To be clear, there is actually no such thing as a 66% het. An animal either is or isn’t het for the trait. So you would run the calculator based on 100% het to 100% het and that would give you the odds. The 66% is just the probability that your animal will prove to be 100% het.


A 66% het means it has a 66% chance of being het, so if you pair these two, you have a 25% chancee of producing a visual clown if proves out to be a het, a 0% chance if it doesn’t

However, I wouldn’t reccomend this pairing as super black pastels (which you have a 25% chance of producing) are known to have problems such as kinking, duckbills, etc