Breeding feeder mice

So I have an albino corn snake named Dragon. She’s a beautiful noodle with a healthy appetite. About three months ago we switched from frozen to live as she was loosing interest in the frozen.
Shortly after I decided to start breeding them. I currently have three white mice (that I have dubbed the Sheilas) two females and one male. They have a healthy supply of food and water as well as tunnels, a wheel, hutches, and mineral chews.
My question is this: how do I actually ensure that they breed? Are there things I should do to encourage their health that I am not?

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How old are your mice?
What is the temperature in the room they live in?

Keep your eye on how the sheilas act around the male, it could be that he is just aggressive or not a team player.

Does he hang out in the group or sit in a corner by himself most of the time?

As long as they are old enough they will breed. Breeding mice and rats is pretty straight forward. Your going to have way more feeders than you actually need on one snake though. I wouldn’t house them together full time or you will be quickly over run with mice from even two. I honestly would not take the time to breed them for one snake. Unless you want to kill and freeze all the extras you will eventually have. But that kinda defeats the purpose of breeding them since you said your feeding live. I’m not trying to discourage you from breeding them, if that’s what you want to do by all means do it. Just be prepared for the amount of mice you will be producing.

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Corn snakes are never really the type to be picky (sometimes snakes just don’t want to eat period, be it because of shedding or breeding behavior). So like with what @saleengrinch said I wouldn’t bother breeding to feed live. F/T when you have one snake is honestly the most cost effective given you can order a lot for a relatively low price (breeding/owning mice can get more expensive than you would think compared to that). On top of that, it is safer for the snake given rodent bites are pretty common when they try to defend themselves. You don’t want to have to risk that if you don’t have to.

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There are also human health concerns connected to breeding rodents. I have had a few friends that did it as a business and got really sick over time. you can google it and find out more than I know but it is another reason not to do it for just one snake. many pet stores sell feeders and they really are not too expensive, more expensive than F/T but for one snake it will not break the bank