Breeding Game Idea

I’m just going to throw it out there in hopes one of you guys is a amazing game developer as well as a reptile keeper… You never know.

I’d really like to see a morphmarket mobile game.

Sort of like the “pocket aquarium” type of games you can already get.

Say you start of with a certain amount of funds and can only buy certain base genes at the beginning.

You’ve got to keep these guys alive by regular feeding and eventually breed them to create combos and unlock new genes to work with.

You can sell your babies to buy new animals or raise them for projects.

Basically just real life but in a game :joy:

We already have the backbone to it with the Morph calculator.

Just a suggestion for you developers :eyes:

Even if we can’t make this a real thing, let’s have some fun and come up with ideas :blush:


There was a game like that, I played a bit years ago. I’ll have to see if I can find it again.

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Wasn’t Barczyk working on some Ball Python Tycoon type thing that would pretty much be what was described? I am not interested so :woman_shrugging:

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I’ll have to check it out and see what it’s like. I can see it being a really fun game and a extremely useful way for newbies to learn genetics if done right.

If you know an artist that can translate morphs into simplified vector art… let me know. That’s probably the toughest part.

As we discussed RE: gene calculator, the probability (Punnett Square) stuff is extremely easy but the things around it (assets like photographs, art) make it useful.

Erm… I can do doodles :joy::joy: /s

But in all seriousness, your right, it would be very tough and extremely time consuming.

$5 bet that if someone does do it the morphs are nonsensical.

Cotton Candy Pink x Watermelon = Shiny Blue

There was a game with this concept online. It had actual morph designs to work with and many different species. Hope it’s okay I link it here? Reptile Breeder Game
(If you want, my referral code is 663v, lol)

Here is their morph and species list:

I would love more tycoons though! It’s a fun idea.


Wow, that is a really in depth game. Way beyond what I was thinking.

I’m going to give that a proper look into when I get a free moment.

Pretty sure that’s the one I played years ago. Though it must have been long enough that they’ve purged me, lol. My email no longer works on there.

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Maybe they revoked your license for not feeding your snakes :joy:


Was it real morphs or made up?

I might owe eagle $5…

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They are not bad at all…


I accept donations to your favourite charity :wink::joy:

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