Breeding help please!

Hello! I have two nice beardies, male and female, both adult, both have supposedly mated before (with different dragons) but my two wont breed?

I’m new to this, but I’ve done a lot of research, it just seems that I need some extra help.

I’ve tried putting them together in a 20 gal tank, a 60 gal tank, just alone in a whole room, but nothing. The male will do his little foot stomp and circle the female, and the female seems submissive and slowly nods or waves her arm. But after that, they dont do anything.

The male has tried to mount her VERY briefly twice, but nothing else happens.

I’d just like some advice on this please! Thanks!

Defo male and female?
Any pics of them and underneath? Are they living together? What’s set up? And pics?

Sorry for all the questions but knowing details will help anyone help you :black_heart:

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I can try to get some underside photos later, but for now I don’t have any. Both sellers confirmed the genders were correct and they are indeed male and female. The female has had clutches before and the male has bred with a different female previously.

I do not house them together typically, but i did put them together in different size tanks for a day or two to see if anything would happen. Their separate tanks have both heat lamps and uvb, fake plants, shallow water dish for humidity, a hide to cool down, basking platforms, just regular beardie set-up I believe.

I just think its odd to see the male and female engaging in their mating dance thing, but then they just sorta stop after a minute or so. Like i said before, the male has only tried to mount the female twice and it was very brief.