Breeding help

I am currently just starting to breed and what to know if i can breed my male banana with my female lesser or female het caramel

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Can you breed them… Yes. The real question is should you breed them. do you have people that would be interested in the potentially large-ish amount of babies that can hatch? The market for ball pythons is very oversaturated, and it can be really hard to sell hatchlings. If you understand that, and still want to breed, then go ahead! I’d personally probably breed him to the lesser, because the het Caramel isn’t really going to add a whole lot to the pairing, unless the male is also het Caramel.


They are all ball pythons so technically you can but don’t. You are just going to be stuck with potentially 10+ babies because nobody wants them.

I recommend you look into just how oversaturated the market is and learn about ball python genetics before even considering breeding.

Just keep them as pets. If you are serious about breeding then do tons of research and invest in some high quality animal.


I personally wouldn’t. With either pairing you’re going to hatch normals. With the het caramel you won’t even know which ones are carrying the het.

With the banana to lesser, the chances of a normal are lower than the banana to het caramel. But neither pairing is very marketable which means you’re going to need friends to rehome them to or maybe sell them to a local store for cheap of they’ll take them.

It feels like a waste of energy for you and the snakes for that.
Edit: also caramel albino isn’t as desirable for some because of the fertility and kinking issues associated with visuals, so not really a project I’d recommend for a beginner.