Breeding... How to start. (House Snakes and KSBs)

Obviously KSBs are not a colubrid but I digress.

With house snakes in particular, how do I learn what’s recessive/dominant etc? I’ve seen lists of morphs but it seems like in depth guides to breeding are few and far between for any species. Thank you.

Ok, I feel like a doofus. What’s a KSB? :grimacing:is embarrassed :grimacing:

kenyan sand boas

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Do some research. From what I’ve seen, breeding house snakes is supper easy. Females will produce multiple clutches. Getting the small babies to eat can be difficult at times. As far as morphs you have two types of albino and one hypo. There are also several localities.

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Well yeah, I did do some research, absolutely, but it’s nice to hear from actual breeders so I wanted to ask here as well. I’m interested in house snakes because they are uncommon, nice looking and easy to breed as you said, and KSBs just because they are also easy and I adore the one I have and think they should be more prevalent as a good starter that can be kept in a smaller enclosure.