Breeding how to

Thank you for the post! Do you have any about the steps before this? About things like what temps you set your snakes at before you put them together, ways to tell if their gravid ect. or any posts you can link me to? Thanks!

I separated this from the egg box setup since it is a whole different subject, I do not have a write up on my specific method, there are many ways to go about breeding and this ( is what I usually recommend to first timers and after that I encourage them to experiment and find what works for them and their animals.

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Great thank you! and as far as seasons go, Ive read that they can lay year round, do you have to drop temps in October and start there? Or as long as you follow the steps can it be anytime?

You don’t have to drop temps nor do you have to use seasons, I breed year round as my animals are ready.

The most important is to pay attention to the weather and low pressure.