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What would the morph be called from breeding a Normal with an Albino? :thinking:


So I’ m no expert, but I’m pretty sure you would get normals that are all het. for albino. No real specific morph, because other than albino, there aren’t any in this pairing. Unless the normal is het. for albino, then you would get either normals or albinos, but otherwise, there won’t be any morphs involved.


(100%) Het Albino


Both above replies are correct, you will only get het albino offspring, meaning they all look normal but carry one copy of the albino gene. To get anything else you would need to pair the albino with at least a het albino, or breed either to a snake with dominant traits.


Keep in mind that pairing an Albino to a Normal is going to produce all Normal looking offspring that are going to sell for a very low price and they are probably going to be difficult to move. I would pair the Albino to at least another Albino, that way all the offspring will be at least Albino. The offspring will move easier and at a little higher price.

I would not pair that Normal to anything unless you were trying to prove out the genetics of a complex combo. But that’s just me; you do you. I’m just sharing info.


You can use this morph calculator and input different morph combinations to get an idea of what snake you would produce. I like to use it because it helps me a lot when trying to learn about odds with the trait combinations. Just type in, for example, albino for 1 field and “normal” “het albino” for the other (just as an example)

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